Public Eye enhances communication between citizens and local authorities using mobile app technology and an online dashboard.

We partner with communities like yours to help keep citizens safe, and your roads, bridges, parks and buildings maintained in great shape.

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Fight The Bystander Mindset

In today's culture, when citizens observe unsafe situations, they do one of two things: use their mobile devices to take pictures or video, or they walk away feeling apathetic or helpless. Public Eye fights the bystander mindset by letting people report a safety issue or tip with a quick snap, description and send—with or without their names.

Improve Safety & Maintenance

As a local government department head, you can't address what you don't know. Local government personnel can't be everywhere at once around the clock. By providing citizens with Public Eye, you can achieve a safer, well-maintained community. As mobile app use increases, the citizens' sense of responsibility to report increases too. 

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Promote Effective Communication 

With Public Safety and Public Works in the palm of their hands, your citizens have a direct way to report problems to law enforcement and other local agencies. Since citizens are able to follow the status of their reports, they're more likely to report.

Uphold Community Standards

Your citizens want to feel safe and live in a well-maintained community. They want to be heard. They need to know their reports are received and treated seriously. Public Eye does this. Citizens gain a sense of responsibility for the well-being of their community.


With Public Eye, information can be shared more efficiently, from citizens to local law enforcement and public works departments.  The ability for authorities to send alerts to citizens in defined geo-fenced impact zones keeps everyone safer with up-to-the minute information delivered right to their mobile devices.