It's Fast Reporting of Issues You Care About

Public Eye lets citizens send reports directly to your local government agencies. The mobile app is customized for your organization's structure. And report notifications can be sent immediately to those who are authorized. When Public Eye mobile app users snap a photo, the app geotags it and creates a map with the location of the incident. It's then posted to the dashboard for quick handling.



Users are invited to download the Public Eye Apple or Android mobile app to their smartphones, as well as their tablets. The app is branded with your local government agency's name and emblem. Citizens create and send reports under their name or, they may send reports anonymously. Each report includes the description, an attached photo, and automatically captures dates, time, and location, showing a map of exactly where the report was taken. Users can also visit the app's website to submit secure, encrypted reports online. Web reporting is an optional, free feature.



Public Eye logs all reports in a secure online dashboard for access by authorized personnel to view and take action. For example, a vandalism incident has been reported. That report instantly displays on the dashboard and alerts local police. Personnel can immediately be dispatched to the location to investigate and take appropriate action. Use Public Eye to assign, share and escalate reports electronically for quick resolution.



For each report, local authorities select from a list of customized categories while selecting the status of a report—from new to resolved. Reports can be shared with entire departments or specific individuals in charge. When required, Public Eye can be used to instantly send push notifications to alert all mobile app users, or selected users, of any situation.



Local government officials can analyze, and evaluate report data. Trends emerge that help authorities make informed decisions and plan accordingly to address issues. For example, if vandalism occurs on Saturday nights, more officers can be dispatched to keep watch or cameras installed at specific points.